Is membership open to everyone or is it exclusive to residents of Woodside?

No. We welcome everyone, regardless of demographics, financial status and fitness level. We care about your health, not your social status or your age.

What makes you different than every other gym I’ve joined?

We sell results, not memberships. We believe that going to the gym should be about staying motivated, focused and committed to change with the help of professional trainers. We are not a muscle-head gym or a place to flaunt skimpy workout clothes and drop cheesy pickup lines. We are a place where the everyday person can feel comfortable in his or her skin. Our certified trainers aren’t here to push you into a package but they are here to push you through a workout and get results. We also don’t lock you into a contract for life. After the initial three months, renewals are signed on a month-to-month basis.

I’m interested in only using the pool. Can I pay a usage fee or am I required to purchase a membership?

Usage of the pool requires a membership. However, daily passes, weekly passes and monthly passes are available.

If I’m interested in a class, can I enroll?

You bet. Premium members have unlimited access to all classes. A Classic Membership buys you access to classes for $10 each or $85 for 10; and non-members can take classes for $12 each or $100 for 10.

I’m thinking about joining but I’m not sure if I can make a long-term commitment. If I don’t know a member who'll bring me as an occasional guest, what are my options?

We offer daily, weekly and monthly passes that give you all-access to our equipment, locker rooms, towel service; and classes. Daily passes are $15; weekly passes are $35; and monthly passes are $45.

I’d like to know more about your personal training services. What are my options?

You can train privately, with a partner or in a small- group setting. We believe that personal training is a physical, psychological and emotional experience, so we have hired the best to help meet your goals. Your first session is 45 minutes. This allows our trainers to connect with you from your warm-up to your cool-down, ensuring a safe and effective workout. Call (803) 617-0876 today for information about our training packages.

What are enrollment fees, and why am I required to pay them?

Enrollment fees cover the life of your membership. They help maintain our facility; attract top talent; and allow us to develop new and exciting programs with you in mind. We also recognize that you’re spending well-earned money to join. As a thank you, each new member receives a special gift.

What are your age restrictions?

When you’re with us, we believe the focus should be on you because everyone needs an escape from time to time. With that in mind, the minimum age for membership is 14, and members younger than 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Also, members younger than 18 must get written authorization from management to use the saltwater pool.

Is it possible to freeze my membership if I leave town for an extended time?

Certainly. We allow one membership freeze of up to three months per contractual year at no charge to you. After three months, you are required to pay $10 per month to maintain membership status and to access the member portal on our web site.

What happens if a medical issue arises and I need to suspend my membership?

No worries, we’ll be glad to discuss your options. Please call our membership advisers at (803) 617-0876.

What methods of payment do you accept?

The initial 90-day membership and enrollment fee are due upfront. After that, membership fees are paid a month in advance. Dues can be drafted from your checking account or paid with a credit card or debit card. After 90 days, your membership becomes a month-to-month agreement, and payments are due on the date you joined. All packages and services are charged at the time of purchase.

I have more questions that aren’t covered here. Who do I call?

No problem; we’ll be glad to help. Please call our membership advisers at (803) 617-0876 or email

Group Fitness Friday

  8:30 am  Hydro Fitness
  8:30 am  RPM®
  9:30 am  BodyPump®,Lite
  9:30 am  BarreAmped®
10:45 am  Gentle Stretch

Personal Training Friday

  7:00 am   Afterburn
10:00 am   Foundations
  5:30 pm   Industrial Strength
  6:30 pm   Afterburn

Village Fitness

Our personal training methods give you faster results in less time. And our group fitness classes offer fun activities that don’t seem like the awesome workouts they really are.

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