How to Help Muscles Recover Faster
If you’re the gym rat who grinds away and works hard every day, you won’t progress if you take rest and recovery lightly. So how do you help heal tired, sore muscles? Unfortunately, there are no definite solutions supported by research, but there are a handful of treatments that may help alleviate the aches. Rest/active › Read more
Great Move: Suspension Tricep Extensions
Strength Training / Beginner Benefits Muscles Worked: Triceps, upper back, traps and abs The suspended tricep extension is a more challenging variation of the traditional move because it doubles as a core exercise to work your body harder and save time in the gym. How It’s Done Stand facing away from the TRX with feet hip-width › Read more
The Barre: There’s No Better Place To Hang
Plenty of our female members are barre flies, although guys are joining the fun. They're after a kick-butt, low stress workout that sculpts arms, melts muffin tops, improves posture, and strengthens muscles just as much as the ladies are. › Read more
Great Move: Walking Pushups
Add intensity to traditional pushups by moving. As its name suggests, the walking pushup means that you walk your hands from one side to the other using a stationary object to mark your position. This is exercise to engage the core and stability muscles. › Read more

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