Come to the gym. Take your favorite classes. Tell your friends. Earning points with the VF Ultimate Rewards Program is as simple as that. Check out all the ways you can earn points!


Refer a Friend: +500
Join Rewards Program: +100
Birthday: +50
Pay membership dues by ACH: +25
Become a VF ANNUAL Training Member: +25
60+ minute Massage Purchase:+20
Participate in a VF Internal Challenge: +20
Complete New Member Assessment: +20
8 Week Reassessment: +15
Attend A Learn & Burn: +15
Become a VF Annual Classic/Premium Member: +15
Positive Google Review: +10
Positive Facebook Review: +10
Purchase a FIT3D Proscan: +5
Attend Private, Small Group, or Large Team Session: +2
100 MyZone MEPS: +1
Every $3.00 spent on Retail or Smoothies: +1
Attend a Group Fitness Class: +1
Gym Check-In: +1
BONUS:7x /week: +10
BONUS:10x /month: +10


What good are points if they don’t earn goodies? That’s why we have created our points store where you can redeem your points for Village Fitness goods and services!

150 points: VF T-Shirt
250 points: $5 off any point of sale purchase
300 points: Free Smoothie
400 points: VF Blender Bottle
800 points: $25 off any point of sale purchase
1000 points: 1 Free 50-minute Personal Training Session
2000 points: BCAA
2500 points: RUSH
2500 points: PUMP
2500 points: 1 Free 60-minute Massage

VF Ultimate Rewards Hall of Fame


Even when you spend your points, your lifetime earnings will earn you member status.

Each new level comes with rewards and your name will be added to our VF ULTIMATE REWARDS Wall of Fame.

IRON: 300 points
•  Iron Member T-Shirt
•  10 Minute Chair Massage
•  Free Smoothie

BRONZE: 700 points
•  Bronze Member T-Shirt
•  1 Month Membership Upgrade
•  1 Bottle of Wine

TITANIUM: 1200 points
•  Titanium Member T-Shirt
•  1 Month Guest Pass
•  5 Free Smoothies

SILVER: 1800 points
•  Silver Member T-Shirt
•  30 Minute Massage
•  VF Blender Bottle

GOLD: 2500 points
•  Gold Member T-Shirt
•  1 60-Minute Massage
•  BCAAs

PLATINUM: 3000 points
•  Platinum Member T-Shirt
•  4 60-Minute Private PT Sessions
•  VF Gym Bag

HALL OF FAME: 5000 points
•  Hall of Fame T-Shirt
•  1 Month Complimentary Membership
•  VF Body Works Spa Pamper Package
•  VIP Bonus: 10% off all point of sale purchases

LEGENDARY: 8000 points
•  Legend T-Shirt
•  $100.00 Restaurant Gift Card
•  3 Month Complimentary Membership
•  VIP Bonus: 15% off all point of sale purchases


Our FitRanks system, exclusive to Village Fitness training members, is designed to push you to your maximum fitness potential and keep you striving for more!

Training members will be allowed to attempt a performance test every 3 months to advance to the next FitRank level. Tests are comprised of a strength portion, and metabolic conditioning portion. All tests are pre-written with specified exercises, times, and weight to be used and are scaled according to age and gender. A passed test will earn you loads of VF Ultimate Reward points and get you on the fast track up our Wall of Fame.

Register to start earning your VF Ultimate Rewards!

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Must be an ACTIVE member to register. Please use the same email address you have on file at Village Fitness when registering. Upon successful registration, you will receive 100 points, just for registering for VF Ultimate Rewards.

Check with our training department to see if you are ready to earn your first FitRank level!

Pass FitRank Level 1 = 300 pts
Pass FitRank Level 2 = 400 pts
Pass FitRank Level 3 = 500 pts
Pass FitRank Level 4 = 600 pts
Pass FitRank Level 5 = 700 pts
Pass FitRank Level 6 = 800 pts
Pass FitRank Level 7 = 1700 pts
Pass FitRank Level 8 = 3000 pts