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This time of year usually means many of us will soon be spending more time at home and more of our time will be spent being idle. With the absence of a structured routine during the holidays, it also means social get-togethers that are accompanied by a bounty of carb filled dishes and an overindulgence in sugary desserts. This can lead to both, unwanted weight, and guilt will settle in, leaving many of us struggling to shed weight. Most of us will vehemently vow to lose weight, eat healthier, and to get in some sort of shape. But often, we tend to dive into demanding programs with all the enthusiasm of a pro-sports athlete, only to ease our way towards the exit of the fit bandwagon and fall back into a routine of on-the-go eating, sketchy sleep patterns, and bare minimum exercise. What you may not have discovered yet is that a Barre class can help put you right back on the road to redemption.

The aftermath of our portion overload now means there are thousands of us searching for the perfect workout to lose weight, strengthen our core, tone arms, or tighten thighs and glutes. The great news is that you need not look any further than your nearest Barre studio for the perfect low impact workout that affects multiple fitness goals and can easily erase commitment or follow through issues. A far cry from popular sweat drenched muscle confusion routines and overcrowded spin classes or those cheesy late night informercials with impossible to follow reps, Barre is the workout you never knew you needed.

Barre classes utilize the Ballet Barre and are now used by a host of athletes and laypersons for flexibility, range of motion, overall strength and yes, even weight loss! The fact that the routines are low impact and easy to follow means less intimidation from intense and complex sets and reps designed for the tried-and-true fitness faithful or gung-ho gym junkies.

The mat-based routines and planks of basic Barre are rooted in Yoga, Ballet and Pilates and such movements are typical features of classes and therefore signing up on a buddy system or as a family makes for ease of accountability. In December of 2018, opens in a new windowThe New York Post reported that while only 55% of New Year’s resolutions were heath related, a stunning 80% of those commitments fail. (Khalil, 2018)The truth is that jumping into anything outside of routine comfort can bring discouragement and a loss of confidence or follow through. Now compare the number of those who disengage to the growing popularity and participation in Barre classes, according to opens in a new  The structure and benefits of Barre can quite literally tip the scales in your favor, building both confidence and a healthier lifestyle. This go-around, you just may finish what you start. But first, get started and discover a Barre studio or class near you today.

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