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Flow Yoga | Yoga Aiken SC

Finding quality yoga in Aiken, SC is often limited and expensive. It’s essential to connect to a studio that offers multiple options that cater to meditative and cardio-centered exercises. However, most gyms provide limited classes and some yoga studios can be too expensive. At Village Fitness, we value your fitness experience and want to take the intimidation out of beginning yoga in Aiken. Explore our yoga options and find a class that is perfect for your fitness journey!

Gentle Stretch Yoga

Everyone needs a break to relax. Gentle Stretch Yoga focuses on stilling the mind and mildly stretching the body for relaxation. Different yoga styles use their own breathing and stretching techniques to keep heart rate low and increase meditation. 

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Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga | Yoga Aiken SC

Flow Yoga is a slight step up from Gentle Stretch Yoga. The name comes from connecting seamless forms of different poses that immediately transition into the next. The continuous flow movement focuses on stamina, breathing, and increasing strength through holding poses. The Flow Yoga instructor’s unpredictable set of poses create a fun, innovative experience for anyone looking to attend yoga classes regularly.

Power Yoga

Want to do yoga and break a sweat? This yoga style combines your favorite aspects of high-intensity cardio circuit exercises and traditional flow yoga poses. Power yoga’s continuous, rhythmic poses will reduce tension and  opens in a new windowimprove your overall sense of happiness. This style of yoga is perfect for those looking to lose weight and improve overall mental health.

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