Benefits of Massage at Village Fitness in Aiken

On top of Village Fitness providing 24/7 gym amenities, certified personal trainers, countless group classes, and heated indoor saltwater pool, did you know Village Fitness also provides massage services? Massage is among the most relaxing and restful sensations one can encounter. However, the advantages of a massage go beyond relaxation and run deeper than you might think. While the list for massage benefits is long, below we’ll cover 4 highly prevalent benefits of massage therapy.

Easing Muscle Tension and Joint Pain Relief

We’ll start with the one of the more well-known reasons to get a massage, easing muscle tension and joint pain relief. Massages can help reduce swelling and discomfort and increase joint mobility. Most know that massages provide comfort and see massages as a part of being pampered at a spa, but most of this comfort comes from the easing of muscle tension and joint relief that massages provide. With many of us now sitting at desk and slouching over small screens all day, massages are a great way to ease muscle tension and provide pain relief. Whether it’s persistent back pain, knee osteoarthritis, hand arthritis, or other forms of arthritis, data endorses that massage not only reduces pain but improves range of motion and overall function.

Stress Relief and Increased Relaxation

Researchers attribute positive effects massage therapy has with the endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin the body releases during and after a massage. It’s no wonder patients who make routine appointments to their massage therapists report a profound reduction in stress.

Improved Blood Flow/Circulation, Energy, and Alertness

Therapeutic massage helps blood flow by guiding oxygen and nutrient rich blood to our muscles and organs. As a result, this enhanced blood flow leads to recovery, growth, and healing throughout the body. In turn, this increased blood flow help increase energy and alertness throughout the day.

Better Sleep Quality

Massages improve relaxation and reduce stress, which are often linked with poor sleep. There is also an increase in serotonin. Serotonin also helps to boost melatonin and leads to a healthier sleep cycle. Getting proper sleep is imperative! As you can see from this list, massage treatment produces many benefits. There’s an abundance of other benefits that one can experience from massages as well, these are just a few of the most popular benefits.

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