5 Unhealthy “Health” Foods

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The FDA is getting better about regulating the marketing and packaging on “diet” and supposedly “healthy” foods, but many products still make it to the market place claiming their health benefits. Here are a few “healthy” foods that you should avoid.

  1. Odwalla Original Superfood Drink. Just the name of the product can make your mouth water and the fact that it has the healthy buzzword “superfood” in the title of the product makes it sound like it is good for you, right? Wrong. With 37 grams of sugar, this little piece of false advertising is worse for you than a Snickers bar with its own 27 grams.
  2. Small Jamba Juice. It’s made from fruit – what can be so bad about it? Well, smoothies can be tricky…because they often blend in yogurt, you get the sugars from the fruit in addition to any of the additives. With 60 grams of sugar, you’d be better off just making one at home, on your own.
  3. Protein bars. Ok, with this one, I highly suggest you read the label. Some are actually just fine. But, most protein bars are anything but healthy with added sugars, soy, sodium and artificial colors, it’s best to just keep on walking past that aisle at the grocery store if you are just guessing.
  4. Flavored oatmeal. This is unfortunate because steel cut oats make a very healthy breakfast option. It’s the sugar content you need to watch out for with flavored options such as Quaker Instant brown sugar and maple with its hidden 12 grams of sugar per serving.
  5. Diet Drinks.  Though the word diet can be deceiving these drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners which have been shown to actually increase sugar cravings and also trick the brain into thinking you got an influx of calories when you did not, causing increased hunger cravings leading to overeating. Artificial sweeteners have also been linked to a higher risk of strokes, heart disease, and kidney damage. 

Many health food options will actually have the opposite of your desired effect in terms of busting your diet instead of helping you stick to it. It is very beneficial to take a few extra minutes to read the labels on products you are purchasing before you end up eating or drinking something that is so far off your nutrition plan that you make yourself sick.

If you need help creating a healthy nutrition plan, please contact us. We have a nutritionist on staff if you need a prescription plan. What you are putting into your bodies, is 80% likely what’s holding you from reaching your personal fitness goals.