The Beginners Guide to Yoga Classes

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Beginning something brand new can be intimidating and finding yourself in a yoga class is no different. With odd yoga pose names, being a new yogi can often feel like learning a new language. And when you’re not used to moving your body in a certain way, certain yoga classes and poses can be intimidating. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you start your yoga journey with a yoga class that is taught with beginners in mind. Here at Village Fitness we take the intimidation out of starting new yoga classes, assisting all beginners in their journey to becoming a yogi. Check out these opens in a new window6 essential tips for yoga beginners!

Being a New Yogi

There are many explanations for why beginners feel overwhelmed by yoga classes. These fears are entirely natural. Some individuals are completely caught off-guard with the chanting of “Om” during various yoga classes, while others turn off the instant they hear Sanskrit (the traditional Indian tongue used to identify poses). The fact that many yoga classes are mixed level can be very daunting. When the person next to you is perfecting an advanced pose and you are still trying to figure out your Downward-Facing Dog pose from your Side Plank pose, it’s absolutely normal to have questions about whether yoga classes are right for you.

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The Truth About Yoga

So often, people think they are not flexible enough to do yoga. But the reality is yoga is arguably one of the best and most fun ways to develop flexibility, in addition to adding strength and better overall health. Once you achieve a relaxed approach to yoga it becomes part of your typical routine, and this routine can feel like an active meditation. Focusing on your breathing can relax your body and mind, and it’s why yogis often feel calm, yet energized, after a yoga class.

Getting Started

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